Private Collection

The Private Collection is a special series made from images of two prominent themes that recur throughout Onne’s work and career: details of sails and abstract images of water. The Sail Series and Water Series are exceptional Limited Edition collections that are each sold in groups of 9 similar images. While you can purchase each image separately (not online, please inquire) the photos have been selected and arranged to compliment one another in the series and to represent the many varying sails and water details. The Sail Series details a variety of sail shapes and cloths and the modern rig versus the old hoops and hanks of vintage sailing yachts. The Water Series details the beauty of water reflections and ripples basking in the glow of different colored sunsets or a stormy purple sky – with a color palate that is as soothing to the viewer as sitting at anchor in a quiet cove.

Each series is comprised of nine 10” x 10” Rag Paper Prints with each image hand signed by Onne and numbered in a limited edition of only 50. (Our typical Limited Editions are in a series of 250 each.)

Each print is individually framed in a white (Sail Series) or black (Water Series) lacquered frame with Museum Glass, which is 99% UV protective and shows amazing clarity.

Sail Series
Water Series