Mini Framed Canvases

Mini Canvases by Onne are stunning smaller versions of our very popular stretched canvases. Each Mini Canvas is signed by Onne in a silver pen and is masterfully framed in a 2" wooden frame (Color choices shown) with a "float" look – or a gap between the stretched canvas and the frame. This allows the eye to see just a bit of the "WRAP" effect of the canvas, as the image wraps around the sides giving it depth. Inside the frame, the canvas print is stretched tightly around a wooden stretcher and then mounted to the frame. With TWO sizes available (11x16 and 13x20) these smaller canvases make a BIG statement on a wall. Some images come in square sizes (10x10). Not every print is available but please call the gallery for help or information about other images on canvas.

MC08 - Amorita Boom
MC121 - Marriette Boom
MC123 - Alabama Sails
MC163 - Brant Point Light - Nantucket
MC172 - Red Sail
MC189 - Yellowfin Tuna
MC196A - Beavertail Wave 1/3
MC196B - Beavertail Wave 2/3
MC196C - Beavertail Wave 3/3
MC197 - Starfish in Belize
MC227 - Grenada Yellow Sail
MC238 - Hawaiian Wave
MC242 - Blue Fish
MC281 - Grenadines Door
MC283 - Old Bob
MC68 - Nirvana Mast & Sails