Matting & Framing

All framed photographs come with an archival 4 ply white acid free mat in a ¾ inch standard wooden frame. Standard frame color choices are: black, maple, cherry and mahogany.

Custom Framing

Custom framing is available at an extra charge, based on individual frame costs. Please contact the gallery for custom frame choices and prices. Custom framing comes with an archival 8 ply white acid free mat.

Stretched Canvas

An Onne van der Wal photograph printed on canvas is truly a work of art. The colors of Onne's images pop off the canvas and appear backlit. The gallery has a unique way of wrapping part of the image around the sides of the canvas stretcher, giving the finished piece a very three-dimensional quality and making it truly stand out on a wall. We call this a “gallery wrap.” This process uses 2 inches on each side of the photo for the wrap, making the finished size on the wall 4 inches less on the height and width than the printed photo, or listed dimensions. For this reason, we sell images starting at the 20 x 30 size and larger. The smaller sized prints come out too small on the canvas, however we do offer a variety of sizes. Once the canvas is stretched it is sprayed to protect the image from fading.